A 360º service in project management and investment counseling.


We adapt to the needs of our clients, preparing an action plan jointly for each project.

As specialists in Integrated Project Management, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP designs real estate projects to guarantee the success of each real estate development. We conduct and assume the comprehensive management of the real estate development, by means of the project management, from the beginning to the end: from the optimal product definition, marketing plan, cost review and legal requirements to the product delivery, including the design, the project management, and the tender and hiring of construction works and quality control.

We adapt to the strategic needs of our partners and investors, preparing an action plan jointly with them for each project, including the project requirements as well as objectives.

We are responsible for all the project areas: we plan, conduct, coordinate and monitor the works and agents who participate; we control the costs and terms thoroughly, we select and hire the best working teams; we prepare all the legal documents, as well as we coordinate and monitor the whole process in order to guarantee meeting the costs and terms.


Our commitment: our ability to overcome and adapt to the demands and needs of our clients quickly and efficiently.

ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP provides a comprehensive ASSET Management service, coordinating from the beginning the creation and the increase of the value of REAL ESTATE assets. From their construction, maintenance and conservation through their final taxes on capital gain, sale to investors or segmentation for incorporations or mergers.

Alicante Global Group thanks to its experience and professionalism, can offer and generate a complete Asset Management Service, with a clear target: create value for the owner.

Our experience allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive counseling service for asset management, which includes searching and acquiring real estate products, managing and monitoring the acquired product, carrying out the refurbishment or restoration whether necessary, managing the sale or the leasing to the final user, always providing the highest profitability to the investor.

We are always reviewing and analyzing the different business opportunities which may arise and which may be interesting for the assets we manage.