Pursuant to the Act 34/2002, on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP informs the user of the Website: that its access,browsing and use implies the express acceptance of all the conditions included in these Use Conditions and any person accessing, browsing or using this website must observe them.


IDENTIFICATION (hereinafter the Web):




Fiscal ID: B54950449


Business address: AVENIDA MAISONNAVE, 18, 1º – 03003 ALICANTE




Entered in the Alicante Companies’ Registry in volume 3966, folio 114, hoja A-151.214 entry one.




The purpose of these Use Conditions is regulating the access, browsing and use of the website by the User, without prejudice of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP’s right to modify them.


The access, browsing and use of the Website content by the User after the entry into force of the modified Conditions imply the acceptance thereof.


For interpretation purposes, we consider that a person becomes a Website User when he/she accesses, browses and/or uses the Website contents and he/she accepts the established Use Conditions and the Privacy Policies.




ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall not be liable for:


  1. the Website’s malfunctioning and/or errors due to maintenance tasks, incidents, a defective functioning of your terminal or its insufficient capacity to support the systems which are indispensable to use the service.


  1. The viruses and/or other harmful components in the website or its server.


  1. The damages caused to the User whenever service provision is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure cases or other reasons which are not attributable to ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP.


  1. The damages caused, to himself or to a third party, by any person who breaks the Use Conditions established in the Website by ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP or through the infringement of the Web’s security systems.


  1. the information published in the Website, provided that it had been manipulated or introduced by a third party.


ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP states that all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and available technology, have been taken in order to guarantee the Website operation and minimize system errors, both from a technical and from a legal and organizational point of view.


ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall take all the necessary measures in order to guarantee a quick response, without being liable for the delays attributable to the telecommunication service.


Additionally, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall not be liable for the information stored in blogs, comments, social networking sites or any other means by which third parties can publish information in the website.



In particular, including but not limited, it is prohibited to:


  1. Obtain the website contents by illegal or fraudulent means, theft or plagiarism.


  1. Use any of the services and contents made available by ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP for illegal purposes.


  1. Perform any activity which may damage, overload, spoil or prevent the normal activity of the website or a third party’s computer.


  1. Use the website to transfer, install or publish any virus, malware or other harmful software or files.


  1. 5. Access without authorization to any section of the website, to other connected systems or networks, to any server of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP or the services offered through the website by hacking or forging, password theft or any other unlawful means.


Whether the User caused damages to third parties due to the use of any service or content provided by the website, he/she shall expressly hold harmless ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP, from any liability that may be attributed to it. For such purposes, the User shall exclusively assume any liability which may arise.


ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP reserves the right to bring the relevant legal action if the User breaks any of the before mentioned obligations.




ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP does not control the contents, the Use Conditions or the Privacy Policies of third party’s websites.


Additionally, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall not be liable for the availability of such websites and shall not subscribe to any kind of advertising, product or services offered therein.


The User accepts that ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall not be liable for the losses or damages which may be incurred by the User as a consequence of the availability of the before mentioned websites.


On the other hand, the User who may want to establish links to ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP website on his/her own website shall comply with the following terms:


  1. He/she shall have a prior authorization of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP.


  1. The website can only be linked through its Internet address.


  1. No false or inaccurate statement about ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP shall be made on the website which establishes the link.


  1. The website on which the link is established shall observe the laws in force and must not link contents which may be illegal, harmful, immoral or against good customs.


In any case, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP reserves the right to prohibit or make useless any hyperlink to this website at any moment.




ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP is the holder of the corresponding licenses on the Intellectual and Industrial Property of the elements comprising the design of the website, such as the brand, the trade name or the distinctive sign. In particular, the logos, colour combinations, the selection and display, the source code of the website, the menus, the navigation buttons, the HTML code, texts, photographs, graphs, as well as any other content of the website concerning the services, contents and/or tools provided by ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP are protected by copyright.


Under no circumstances the access, browsing and use of the website by the User shall imply a total or partial waiver, release or transfer of such rights by ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP.


The User can visualize, print and copy the content of this website for a private use. It is prohibited their use for business purposes or the exercise of exploitation rights: copy, distribution, public disclose, making available and transformation of all or part of the contents included in the website, if he/she does not have the express prior written authorization of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP.




ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP reserves its right to suspend, modify, restrict or interrupt, either temporarily or permanently, the access, browsing, use, hosting and/or download of the content and/or use of the website service, by giving prior notice or not, and the User will not be entitled to claim for damages for this reason.




These Use Conditions are regulated by the applicable Spanish law in force.


For the settlement of all the disputes or issues related to this website, the Spanish law shall be applicable, to which the parties are expressly subject. Moreover, the Courts of Alicante, of these provisions, as well as the Consumer Arbitration Courts, whether appropriate.



COOKIES POLICY (hereinafter the Web):





Fiscal ID: B54950449


Business address: Avenida Maisonnave, 18 1º. 03003 Alicante




Recorded in the Corporate Registry of Alicante on Volume 3966, page 294, sheet 116, 1st Entry.


03 ALICANTE THE GLOBAL COMPANY MANAGEMENT S.L., hereinafter ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP is responsible for the website cookies and the processing of the data obtained through them, deciding on the processing purpose of the collected information. In this sense, the access, browsing and use of the services of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP’s website imply the acceptance of these Cookies Policy.


A cookie is a small file stored in the User’s device which allows us to recognize it. All the cookies help us improve the quality of the ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP website.


By accessing the website, the User expressly accepts the use of this kind of cookies on his/her devices. Whether the User does not accept their use, he/she shall adjust his/her browser to reject the installation and/or use of cookies on his/her device. However, if the User disables the cookies, navigation on the Website may not be optimal and some of the utilities may not work properly.


Specifically, ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP website is using the following cookies for the purposes hereinafter stated:


The website uses Google Analytics cookies, from Google Inc., to perform statistical analysis about how the User navigates and uses our Website services:


Name            Type     Length          Purposes


utma      ANALYTIC        2 years  Finding out how many times the user visited the Website


utmb      ANALYTIC        It expires when the session ends        Calculating the length of a User’s visit


utmc     ANALYTIC        It expires when the session ends        Calculating the length of a User’s visit


utmz     ANALYTIC        It expires when the session ends        Finding out the origin of a User visit


Third party’s cookies could be installed in the User’s device if he/she uses Social Networking sites to share some content of ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP. Such cookies would be installed by the Social Networking sites themselves.


The User can adjust his/her browsers to get a better knowledge and control of cookies. He/she may be warned about their installation in advance and prevent it if he/she wants.


We make available the information required to adjust your browser so that it rejects the installation or use of cookies in the your device: